• Kaushilya Global Talent Education Council Society is registered with Government of India and Government of Chhattisgarh which is established from Information Technology and Skill development society.

  • Whose registration / registration act :- 1973 act Registration Number 122202276985  25/11/2022

  • The certificates given by the organization are registered in the employment offices of different states of the country including Chhattisgarh. The institution is related to various semi-government and private companies, which provide inspiration and employment to the youth.

  • The organization has ISO 9001: 2015 / Certificate Number 22EQJH95 / 12.01.2023 certificate.

  •  The organization conducts free, selfless (Vocational Training Course) and in the direction of self-employment is employed. Institution Cg. Provides survey and information of various private universities and provides proper guidance to the students.